Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Walk in the Winter Garden

Today was the first time we'd seen blue sky in days!

Just when we think it's the 'dead' of winter, Mother Nature shows us she's still busy behind the scenes.

It was a delight to find these tiny yellow crocus in bloom.

Molly Kitty will be happy to know that her catnip is coming back to life!

I expect these blue asters to freeze long before they have a chance to bloom.

Nice to see the yarrow coming back to life.

This time of year, you have to look pretty hard to find something the wildlife has not consumed. But, they seem to have missed these nandina berries, hidden deep in the foliage.

One of my favorites! The native azalea has one small pink bud. These will be gorgeous in a couple months.

There are many fat yellow daffodil buds. These fat pointy buds are the double flowering variety.

These are some very strange daffs. The center will be green. A very old variety, dug up from an estate just before it was bulldozed.

The Encore azaleas now have buds! These did not do well for several years after they were planted. After 4 years, they're starting to perform.

I was afraid our extended cold spell had killed the large rosemary bush. But, a close look shows live stems and some surviving needles. I think it will need a pretty good pruning later in the spring. But, I'll leave it alone for now and let it recover in peace.

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em said...

I've never seen, or heard of, daffodils with a green center. Sounds lovely.
Think I like the flowers better than the snow!