Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just Another Day in the Garden

This morning I went in to Downtown Atlanta to meet friends for lunch. I love getting together with this fine group of folks. But, I really hate going downtown. On the trip into town, I noticed the tall buildings were hidden in a smoggy haze.

But, 50 miles south of the big dirty city, this beautiful afternoon greeted me when I returned home!

This spring, the blooms seem to be coming and going very quickly! This plant's blooms have almost faded. I know it was not in bloom a few days ago! Does anyone recognize this plant? It grows wild at the edge of my garden and I really don't know what it is!

UPDATE! My neighbor identified this plant as Red Buckeye!

There are a zillion Cleome seedlings in the garden! If you want big showy flowers that love hot summer days and will re-seed themselves like mad, Cleome is the flower for you! Sadly, most of these seedlings will have to go. The flowers can't possibly grow this close together!

This is one of my favorite garden plants! Most of the year, it is almost invisible at the edge of the woods. For a week or so in spring, it's gorgeous! This is a Native Azalea. Grows wild in our Georgia woods.

This is a closeup of the bloom cluster.

And this, my friends, is what a Georgia gardener's boots look like after stomping through the woods and spraying Roundup on poison ivy! That yellow stuff is not dust, it's POLLEN!

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nancytoday said...

I absolutely love your journal! I am so glad to meet you. We will have to get together when I come down in a few months.

I love your photos. The poison ivy oil on those boots is potent for over a year. With rubber gloves and some strong soap, I'd wash them so you don't inadvertently get it on you! Just a suggestion.

I love seeing your azaleas close-up.