Friday, May 1, 2009

Lunacy in the Garden

I suffered a nasty sunburn while gardening last weekend, and have since been hiding indoors. Today I was back in the garden to see what surprises it had in store for me.

This silly flamingo basket holder has been with me for quite a few years. This year it migrated from the patio to the flower border! It holds a Wave Petunia. I hope the frame will eventually be covered in pink flowers. The idea tickles my funnybone!

The oakleaf hydrangea (the tiny flower buds were shown in a previous post) now has big clusters of flower buds. Soon there will be white flowers. The white flowers will gradually turn to pink and will remain on the shrub all summer.

Anyone for a picnic? The picnic table in the woods is now almost completely hidden by foliage.

And lastly, the reason for the title of this post....
Luna-cy! After working in the garden all afternoon, I found this lovely creature on a window shutter on my front porch. I rarely see the Luna Moth, and it is always a treat.

The photo quality isn't so good. It was nearly dark, and I had to take the photo with a flash.


em said...

I’ve never seen a Luna moth – only read about them in Gene Stratton Porter’s “A Girl Of The Limberlost”.
It has been warm and nice here – not hot, only pleasantly warm – so we have been able to sit outside in the afternoons.

Janet said...

Sandy, I too had the serendipity of seeing a luna moth on my front porch last week. I had gone to turn out the porch light, and there it was for me to enjoy. Janet