Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spinning Blues

Yesterday I took a break from painting and attended the meeting of my handspinning guild, Peachtree Handspinners. This is such a great, talented group of people; I am always so inspired by their work.

Since this meeting was a 'social spin', meaning we just visited and played with our spinning wheels, I needed to take along some yummy fiber to spin. I dug through my stash and found two pounds of blue wool and white mohair that needed a trip through the drum carder. If I wanted the colors to be more blended, I could run it through the carder again. But, I think I like it this way.

Here is the result of my date with the carder. If I had to name this color, it would have to be "My New Blue Jeans".

This is how it it is spinning up. Newly carded fiber is a delight to spin. It drafts so easily, it almost spins itself.

Well, I'm off to practice painting fairies and dragonflies, before I actually paint them on my walls.


em said...

Do you know what you'll use it for?

It has been fun to follow the transformation of your bedroom. It looks both nice and like a lot of fun.

Sandy Fields said...

Thanks Margaretha. No, I don't yet know how I'll use the yarn. 2 pounds would be enough for a good sized shawl. Somehow, though, I'm thinking it would be a nice narrow scarf.

I'm also thinking about dyeing some silk noil red, and carding that into some of the blue, then plying a strand of the noil with a strand of the plain blue/white.

Just playing with color and of my favorite things!

Glad you like the bedroom transformation. In a day or two I'll be posting the addition of the fairies.

Stasia said...