Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Transforming the Bedroom

Long Time, No Post!

Winter has come to the Deep South! Ice and snow has been on the ground for nearly a week...an event almost unheard of in the southern limits of the metro Atlanta area. My patio still has a sheet of ice across it...ice skating, anyone?

So, I've decided to take this time to paint my bedroom. When I moved to this house, all the downstairs rooms were painted a dark beige/brown/taupe sort of color...think Steelecase file cabinet. Very dark, very ugly!

This photo shows the paint chip against the ugly walls.
Here you can see what a difference a little paint will make!

Four coats of paint later, I've finished rolling Behr's 'White Peach' on the walls.
Today I will use a feather duster to add a bit of visual texture with a shade of paint just a bit darker and in a flat finish instead of satin.
After that, I'll be painting a border near the ceiling. Stay tuned for progress reports!

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